About Richard Anthony Morris

Hello, firstly, welcome to my photography blog.

I am your average twenty something guy from the South East of England with a passion for
photography and a passion for writing. The two of which I try to bring together on this blog.
I have been taking photographs since I was a small child and my interest in writing came
about in my early teens. I find it quite hard to describe my photographic style but you can
make up your own mind due to the variety of posts you can find if you navigate your way
around the blog. I would say that my writing style is somewhat conversational and a little
easy-going. I always say what equipment was used to achieve the photographs and I will
also try to explain the techniques that I’ve used and will regularly give links for further
reading on subjects that I have covered.

Although I find it hard to describe my photographic style I can say with certainty that I
definitely prefer to photograph people rather than landscapes or still life. I have
photographed a few weddings examples of a some of these can be seen if you click here, I
have also recently started expanding the blog somewhat by introducing video which I
think works very well. Video has never been my strong suit so I hope to improve upon
that over the coming few months.

Like I said before if you navigate the blog you will find a wide variety of posts covering
different equipment and techniques. So, without further ado, you can check out the
photoblog by clicking here, go through to my contact page by clicking here or you
can be taken straight through to my Twitter account by clicking here.


All My Best,
Richard Anthony Morris


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