Imaginary Fatherly Advice (thoughts)

I was driving around the other day with my friend Mark, and I suddenly started to think of the future. But rather than a nebulous idea about the future in general, I started to imagine having a kid, and if that kid had asked me for advice, what would I say.

All of a sudden I imagine the scenario, my son coming to me to ask what advice I could give to him about how to tell a girl how he feels. And my advive to him or her, about how to approach him or her would be simple. Be simple, be honest, and above all tell the truth. It’s hard to have to apologise for the truth. If you like someone tell them, say it aloud, and then hopefully can work from there. And if you can’t, no hard feelings, at the end of the day at least you’ll know you were honest.

I told Mark this and when I had said it all I started laughing. Mark asked why I was laughing, what was so funny? And I explained, it’s funny, because I just came out with that but I’m ignoring my own advice in real-time.

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