A Very Expensive Poison & Other Inspiring Activities (thoughts)

I’m going to the theatre again tonight, not the same show obviously, I’m a fan but there’s a limit. Now, this show is called A Very Expensive Poison, the writer, Lucy Prebble, I’ve already mentioned in this post here. It’s at the Old Vic, and I’m actually really rather excited to see it.

There’s no chance of me forgetting my ticket as it’s saved to my phone. Also, I e-mailed them to my friend Will who’s going with me. I’ve been trying to go to the theatre more often, and not just the theatre, I’m just trying to do ‘more’. It suddenly occurred to me some time ago that there’s a world of experience out there and I need to see more of them and see where they lead me.

For example, last week I went to the theatre and saw Fleabag, which is a one-woman show starring and written by, Pheobe Waller-Bridge. And on the train home, my mind was on fire with one person show ideas. Every time I put my phone down, a new sentence or idea would pop into my head demanding to be noted down. And obviously, I acquiesced, even though my phone battery’s charge percentage was teetering into the single digits. I got about 600 words down into a note on Google Keep. It hasn’t got a name, and I wrote about it here, but I’m going to put some of what I wrote below.

I went through a period of repeatedly deleting dating apps from my phone, the constant, yet silent rejection was one that I could no longer bear. I would always reinstall them again once I realised that they were really the only option left to me.

I started dating men at one point, one of those apps that I would constantly delete and revive. The men that I saw were always older than me, I wouldn’t say that I’m bi-curious, but I was curious as to whether I was curious. One man, Sebastian, he was nice and I did sleep with him, but there was no love there. We still see each other occasionally… He’s nice, lonely, so that’s at least one thing we have in common.

It’ll need work, but I like it. Anyhow, I’m just trying to say, that watching people perform their art is a definite inspiration for me. My mind might start racing with ideas about this years NaNoWriMo project, or maybe the one-man show mentioned above. Who knows? It’s exciting don’t you think?

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