Project | The Videre Pop-Up Pinhole Camera

It’s always a slight risk when you order pledge for something on Kickstarter. And at the start of the year I kind of went a bit Kickstarter crazy, even thinking of starting my own Kickstarter project at one point (but that’s a long story I’m not getting into). To give you an idea of the risks, in total I pledged on 13 separate successful projects. And only a couple of the projects that have past their due dates have delivered on time, and I’m happy to say that the Videre was one of them.

The Videre was a do-it-yourself 120 pinhole camera made from screen printed cardboard, how in the world could I not get involved?

And the good thing is, it comes with pretty much everything you need (barring a roll of 120 film and glue) and some handy instructions, which I tried to follow but I also found the assembly video that was posted online by the creator Kelly Angood, a great help (it’s the one video just below).

Like I said this video (and the written instructions) really helped in making this, and now my Videre (108 out of 200) is all made and sits nicely on my bookshelf, I will eventually get round to going out and taking some shots with it as it has a roll of Fujifilm Provia 100 in it. When I do finally venture out with my camera, I’ll place them up on here.

If you want to see a short video of me trying to put my Videre camera together , it’s below, enjoy. Actually it only shows the first and last bits really, the footage showing the rear section and the film mechanism disappeared.

Making this camera re-affirmed something I realised when I was doing Art in Primary School, I suck at arts and crafts. When I wasn’t running out of glue mid-project, the new glue I bought wouldn’t stop running so my fingers ended up sticking to each other or to the table.

But it was fun to put something together and help to make this Kickstarter’s dream a reality.

All the best,
Enjoy the photos (and video)!

If you yourself want to get one, you can! From here-

There are 16 photos in this post. The majority were taken with the Canon EOS 50D with a couple of the later ones taken with the Canon EOS 100D. The video was also made with these two cameras and then it was uploaded to my personal Vimeo Account.

Videre 120 Pop-Up Camera 1 Videre 120 Pop-Up Camera 4 Videre 120 Pop-Up Camera 5 Videre 120 Pop-Up Camera 6 Videre 120 Pop-Up Camera 7 Videre 120 Pop-Up Camera 10 Videre 120 Pop-Up Camera 12 Videre 120 Pop-Up Camera 13 Videre 120 Pop-Up Camera 14 Videre 120 Pop-Up Camera 15 Videre 120 Pop-Up Camera 16 Videre 120 Pop-Up Camera 17 Videre 120 Pop-Up Camera 19 Videre 120 Pop-Up Camera 21 Videre 120 Pop-Up Camera 23 Videre 120 Pop-Up Camera 24

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