staring at my bookshelf

I have imagined tears from the stories that I have almost forgotten.
I have spent ten minutes or so staring at my bookshelf.
Looking at the books, thinking about the ones I would save, the ones that I would never give away.
I look at the books more carefully than I have done in a long time, looking at individual books and allowing my mind to wander through the pages. Remembering the stories in the pages I have read.
There are far more books unread than have been read. Far more books that have in them potential, than ones of whose potential have been explored.
I look at the books that I have been gifted, the books that I have been told that I would enjoy and that I should buy. And I wonder what it was about those books that made those people, some of whom I don’t talk to anymore, this is not through choice, but just how life is, can be and will be. What did they see?
What did they see while entranced in the words of writers, sometimes long dead, that brought me to mind? Allowing me, albeit remotely, to break the hypnosis brought on by printer letters on the page?
I will probably never read all these books. And that’s pretty sad.

And as I end this, that is my remaining thought, what’s worse, what is more sorrowful? The words I’ve read, or the words I’ve yet to and may never read?

Thinking of Doing a Podcast (thoughts)

To be honest, I’ve actually been thinking of doing this for some time but there’s always the issue of finding something worth recording.

Do I make a podcast on trying to get writing done?

Do I make a podcast that is essentially a radio play with adverts for Squarespace midway through?

I have a few ideas, but, here’s the thing. I have a tonne of ideas, I have a tonne of ideas for projects that span a great deal of media and approaches. In all honesty, I have too many.

Writer’s Block (thoughts)

I’ve not written anything of any substance or weight in over a week. The novel from November has sat there with no real additions added to it. Even my tried and tested method for overcoming writer’s block has failed me. In the past, when I have felt this way I would just type. Type letters, that becomes words, the words into sentences and through that story flows, but I seem stuck.

Continue reading “Writer’s Block (thoughts)”

God and Climate (thoughts)

I had a thought today whilst doing the dishes.

Someone once said to me that a wise man believes in God, because if you are wrong, nothing has been lost. But, if you are right, the doors of heaven shall be open to you.

And I guess the same applies to Climate Change.
Imagine if you spent your whole life believing in climate change.
You dedicated yourself to not ruining the planet.
And then, after all that, the whole thing turns out to be false. What have you lost? Continue reading “God and Climate (thoughts)”

Elections and Such (thoughts)

I’m writing this at half two on election day. Truthfully I’m wasting time until my files back up onto my flash drive, but, a blog post is a productive use of my time.

At this time, I’m pretty sure who I’m going to vote for. Not that it will make much difference in the long run. Every single person I’ve voted for has lost. Not sure why I put that there, but I just thought it was an interesting little fact. But, it’s the mere act of voting, that’s what makes a difference. In a few hours, I will calmly walk for about 5 or so minutes, probably with music playing to do what people in the past have fought for, even died, to be able to do. Continue reading “Elections and Such (thoughts)”

Kissing Him (short story)

I kiss him, and there’s a problem.
It takes a moment for me to realise what it is though, but when I do it becomes painfully obvious.

He isn’t kissing me back.
There is no reply in his lips to the movements I’m making or any movement at all from him.

I open my eyes and take a step back at the same time,
all I can see in his eyes are shock.

“Dave?” He finally said.

“Yes?” I replied.

“Do that again.”